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Re: Horrible ShopHQ customer service.

On 1/21/2015 Lindsays Grandma said:

Always had good service from the day they were Value Vision. If I ever have poor customer service from a shopping network it would not stop me from shopping with them. If I get what I need or like from a shopping network, to stop because I had one bad experience with their customer service the only one I will hurt is me.

I too have been shopping with them since the Value Visions days and have never had a problem with customer service. In fact, out of the 3 big shopping networks, ShopHQ is at the top of my list at having the best CS.

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Re: Horrible ShopHQ customer service.

Very surprised at this post I started shopping at ShopHQ (NBC) years ago because of their prices, value pays and also the fact that they carry Skinn and Kate & Mallory. So far no complaints. Some of the other brands they carry aren't the greatest quality, but their prices are great. I've gotten some gorgeous tops there and now they also have Marc Brouer.

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Re: Horrible ShopHQ customer service.

Their CS has improved quite a bit over the years.

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Re: Horrible ShopHQ customer service.

I feel your pain. I've had great CS with them until about a week and a half ago. Their automated ordering system kicked me out to an operator. She said she was completing the order, and I didn't think any more about it until the next morning when I checked my emails. The item was ordered twice!! I sat on the phone for 32 minutes waiting, and NEVER got a CS rep. I tried again later that day and gave up after about 15 minutes. I tried emailing them and got a reply there was nothing she could do because the order was already in process. Later that week I received both items in the mail. Can you say, ticked off??

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Re: Horrible ShopHQ customer service.

I am not a fan of that shopping channel. I don't need another watch and that is about how I feel. I don't usually watch live tv shopping but when I do tune in it is one watch after another. (my impression of course)

The one time I did buy something THEY CANCELLED IT. Oversold I guess. And I paid with Paypal. What a mess getting my money credited. They charged me from the get go and told me since I would not be getting the product it would take 6 months to get my money back from Paypal. You can only imagine all the fun I had trying to get THAT ONE STRAIGHT. Paypal told me they needed an authorization from ShopNBC said ShopNBC said they needed several months to communicate with Paypal. I am not making this one up but I can understand how unbelievable this one is

I don't shop with them anymore. I do use Paypal for Ebay and some other shopping opportunities.

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Re: Horrible ShopHQ customer service.

I've called them once & received excellent customer service. QVC on the other hand is awful. I recently did live chat with Janet & when it's resolved I'm closing my account.