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Watching Fashions night in and I just saw the sleeveless hooded puffer vest by Nuage for $86.  So living in the midwest where it does get cold and snowy I can't see wearing a sleeveless hooded puffer vest because my arms would totally freeze ! I would have to wear a heavy long sleeve sweater under the vest to keep my arms from falling off from the cold. Then my body would probably get to warm under that heavy sweater and puffer vest.  It just doesn't make much sense to me, JMO  If you have one is it a good purchase for you living in your area of the country?  Just wondering

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Not something I can ever imagine myself wearing.
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You make good observations.  I saw the vest too.  I am tempted.  I live in the Northeast.  Honestly, our seasons are not like they used to be.  On Friday, I was taking a road trip and the temperature was as high as 86 degrees, on October 15.  Today, the temps are in the 60s.  So, today, I was outside in my yard, doing a bit of clean-up on patio furniture before the cold weather arrives.  Today would have been a good day for a vest like that.  My arms would move around easily, but my core would stay warm.   Fall and Spring would be seasons I could wear the vest, but generally our winters would probably be too cold to wear it very often.


It just depends on your climate and your level of activity.


Nuage is a good brand; I have some of their rain jackets and I am very happy with them. 

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Re: Hooded puffer vest

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It's waaay too long. I like my vests to be on the shorter side so it makes it easy to layer something longer underneath or over the vest if I need more warmth. 

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I didn't care for it at all.  I have a short hooded vest that I will wear out when it's not cold enough for a coat.  I got it on a ski trip which also makes it kinda special.

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Hi, @Goodie2shoes !  I was looking at that vest as it would be good for a large part of our winter in southern Nevada.  I do have heavier coats and a Centigrade puffer from the Q back in the day that get worn during winter but the vest could work if I have a nice sweater on underneath.  I have a long Columbia vest with a thermal lining I wear to exercise or walk the dog outdoors when it's colder.  It does an amazing job of keeping me warm.

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I was tempted too. I like sleeveless puffer vests for driving. They allow my arms more freedom than a bulky parka does. But $100 for 


I've noticed that several high-end designer brands like Ralph Lauren are featuring sleeveless puffer vests this year. Expensive ones. The local Macy's had a display of them. Must be the year's trend. There are lots on Amazon too, most for under $50, most shipped from China. 

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I surely wouldn't wear one like this (ugly) but I live in upper MI and get a lot of use out of my vests during the winter months. Mostly wear my puffer coat though but many a day we get a nice crisp day that I love wearing just a vest with a heavy sweater/boots. Love!

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I’m not a vest person but I thought it was cute (plus I think it would be too long for my height).  I do have a couple Nuage jackets though and really like them.