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Higher prices charged when "free shipping" is offered??

I read a lot of comments from posters who state that retailers who offer "free shipping" charge higher prices to cover this cost. I do not find this be true. Nordstroms offers free shipping both outgoing and returning. Dillards doesn't offer free shipping at all that I know of and Macy's and Lord and Taylor only offer it if you spend $99.00 or more. I have recently been doing some price comparisons on these major websites and I have found that the price for a few items I have been looking for by designers such as Ralph Lauren, Michael Koors etc are identical on the Nordstroms, Macy's, L&T and Dillards site are identical so the assumption that retailers who offer free shipping charge more would seem to not hold water. Anyone else have any experience with higher retail,prices for the same item being charged by stores that offer free shipping?