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Thank you.  Made me feel better.  I was curious since I have a closet full of clothes, perhaps too much.  Retired teacher who because of my  5 ft size I always had to look like the adult in the crowd or else could have been mistaken for one of the kids walking the halls.  LOL  Lots of classroom changes and stairways.  



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Re: High prices

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QVC is not my first place to purchase clothing. But that said, when I do purchase clothing it's because I like the style elements or colors that often I don't find in lower priced department items.


I like the ability to coordinate several items in a line, which I seldom do in stores that more and more have less and less availablity. Either my size of an item is missing or the color I want. 

Yes I can often find coordinates with some stores that have an online presence, but here again, availability can be an issue, and usually it comes at a higher price.


If I'm interested in something at QVC and I feel the price is too high for something that is a "want" not a "need" then I put it in my Wish List hoping the price drops and I wait until a free shipping day.


Also, I don't eat steak often so when I do I don't mind indulging in top quality. The prime T-bone was $65, no sides or beverage included. Additional $15 for the asparagus. Pricey, some will certainly think so, but to me it was a treat that was also enough for lunch the next day. Going to this restaurant was an event for me. Different people, different likes, dislikes, and priorities. 

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i am still buying from QVC regularly.....much less than HSN (even though HSN gives me coupons every month.)

if i like it i buy it......if it isnt what i expected, then i return it.

i purchase full priced, sale priced, daily specials, lunchtime specials, clearance items. i use the rebate sites for a few dollars back and i do try to order items when there is a free shipping day (saturday, 8/27.)

i do not do very many returns, so the fabrics/pricing/style/wearability must be working for me, but may not work for everyone.....just like any online website or brick and mortar store.

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@Luvsmyfam wrote:

@TheMemphisVette steak dinner 70.00?maybe in and turf isn't even 70.00





in the baltimore area we have plenty of good steak restaurants that charge $70 for just the steak alone! sides are extra. it isnt just VEGAS.


i dont know where you live though?

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." - Albert Einstein
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I comparison shop at lot and always have.  We all have different budgets.  What I may think is expensive, another may not.  I would rather buy things in B&M stores, but any more there aren't too many of them left where I live, so if I want things I often have to resort to buying on-line or through catalogs.  This is not as satisfactory to me.  I've always loved the shopping experience --- seeing things for real -- touching the fabrics, seeing the colors -- even trying on if I feel the need. When you shop at places like the Q for instance, you might depend on their description of what a fabric feels like and then you see the colors on t.v. or on-line which may or may not be really accurate.  Of course, the host is going to try and convince us that the fabric is super special, etc., because their job is to sell, sell, sell!  


I understand what you're saying.  I like to look nice and enjoy having new clothing items, but I don't necessarily feel the higher price tag means you are getting a better or more beautiful garment.  I have found some of my most favorite things at places like Walmart, Blair, Target, Kohl's, etc.  I shop for sales on-line at Macy's, Dillard's, etc.  You never know where you might be able to find a really quality item for a much lower price.  


If I feel I look good and I feel good in something, then that is all that matters.  I'm not thinking about whether someone looks at me and thinks --- she shops at Walmart or she shops at Dillards.


As for higher prices -- yes, higher prices are a fact of life regarding everything!


Happy shopping! 



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