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You ask "who would where these rediculous pants??--A CLOWN!! that's who!.

Not at all flattering to ANYONE! What is happening to QVC?-that they would even present these on their show--SOOOO low class! --UGH!!

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Thanks for my first big laugh of the day! Those are screamingly hideous LOL

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When I saw the photo I thought you guys were joking! This seems to be an actual item for sale. Sorry I missed the presentation. I guess QVC is testing the waters?

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@KKJ wrote:

I can't see ANY body shape looking good in these.

@KKJ    Maybe that's the point; you can't see any body shape.  Period.  Just a billowy blob.

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Looking at the presentation, the fronts are longer than the back and the side seams are all puckery, not ruched, not gathered but like the thread shrunk and the fabric did not...

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Oh my!  Props to anyone who could keep a straight face trying to sell them.

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MC Hammer called, he wants his pants back.....


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They look like if palazzo pants and cargo pants had a baby. A really ugly baby.

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I believe my Mother said that exact same thing about my low slung bell bottoms.  It's all a matter of perspective.  If I were young I wouldn't rule these out.  

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They look like someone used a bed sheet and tried to make pants...and something went bad wrong.