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I bought a shirt and took off the tags so I can't return it and I love it....but it Smells!! I washed it and have hung it outside...I don't know what else to do...I have never encountered such an issue! Any suggestions?

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Is it black?  There seems to be more problems with that color from China.  If the fabric will withstand it, wash in vinegar, about a cup in a load.  Or just soak it straight first.  If the fabric is too fragile, try handing outside somewhere covered, like a garage or porch, for a couple weeks.  

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It is dark green spandexy type material....I

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Hmmm.... I agree to hang it in the garage or on the porch in the shade. Also, Chlorax 2 has a refreshing scent and will not hurt the color when mixed well with water.

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I worked in retail for over 20 years. I think if you tell them  the issue you can return it for store credit and use it for something else.

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@KayinMN wrote:

I bought a shirt and took off the tags so I can't return it and I love it

Why not if you have the receipt?  You did keep that right?

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It's OK to return an item with the tags cut off (as long as within the return time period), but I hope you can get the bad smell out of it.

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@KayinMN. I recently received a dark sweater and it smelled terrible, like lemon cleaner.  It was awful, but it was out of stock so I couldn't reorder.  I hand washed it in Woolite for dark fabrics, rinsed really well and it came out great and the stench is gone.  My next step would have been vinegar, but vinegar smells bad too.  I also thought about adding baking soda to the water.  Good luck with it and hope you can get rid of the stench.  

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First, try to return it. You may have to see a supervisor or even the store manager, but they should take it back if it has an odor.

Second, try pre soaking with a lot if baking soda and then washing. I find that baking soda freshens a lot of our laundry, so I routinely dump some into every load.

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If you have your sales slip, you can still return it, assuming time wise it meets the return policy.  If it smellls as bad as you say it does, I'm sure they will refund you.  If you bought it 6 months ago and don't have a sales receipt, you're probably out of luck.  Why would you take the tags off a shirt that smelled so bad?  I'd have returned it the very next day.