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this is very interesting about 3 weeks ago a Kohls sale I purchased several fleece pieces, slacks, and sweaters for my GD. They were navy with sparkly designs and black with same design.


I bagged them and put the bag in the backseat of the car and forgot they were there -- decided to just keep in bag put in mailing box and send to her.


She called me to thank me but told me they "smellfunny" guess her mom didn't wash them first. She did wash them & smell still there. She took back toKohls for exchange, saleslady told her the boxes they store the winter clothes may have gotten wet because they have hint of mold smell. She got full refund.

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@libbyannE wrote:

First, try to return it. Yiu may have to see a supervisor or even the store manager, but they should take it bavk if it has an odor.

Second, return pre soaking with a lot if baking soda and then washing. I find that baking soda freshens a lot of our laundry, do I routinely dump some into every load.

@libbyannEI use white vinegar.  I don't have to be concerned about it melting.

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To me, if clothing smells terrible even after washing according to label instructions, then it's defective and the store should take it back and issue a refund assuming you have a receipt, or a store credit if you don't.


The fact that you cut off the tags is irrelevant in this situation, because no one launders an item with the tags on.



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@KayinMN wrote:

I bought a shirt and took off the tags so I can't return it and I love it....but it Smells!! I washed it and have hung it outside...I don't know what else to do...I have never encountered such an issue! Any suggestions?

I have heard that the smells ( i have gotten a few) in the new clothing have to do with the chemicals used to disinfect clothing/shipments as it is processed and shipped to the US from foreign countries............which i agree with as it has been  my experience  with different types of clothing which have been imported.

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I received a couple of items with that perfumey smell .I loved the items so I wanted to keep them . Put the item in a large zipo lock bag with an open box of baking soda. Zip the bag closed and I placed mine in the bottom of my closet fot three days and the smell will be gone. Then of course I washed it. I hope this works out for you as I tried everything and this did work.[I just rolled the blouse up and put it in a gallon bag.]

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I don't even understand why someone would buy a brand new item only to find out it has a funny smell and NOT return it immediately.  Who in their right mind would waste their time and energy and  money washing it?  I don't  know anyone who would do such a thing when you don't even know what is causing the odor.  It could be a chemical and you don't even know if washing would remove it.....even if it removes the smell.  In my world that  would be as bad as ripped item.  I wouldn't say....oh, there's a big rip in it....I'll just mend   

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Wow,  I like the shirt and it matche's an outfit and it did not smell in the Store! Thanks to every one. I guess I will take back all 3 pieces then and I will have no outfit.

Someone at this site always makes me feel like an idiot....


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I have had it happen that washing an item released dyes that had an overpowering odor. It's a big shock when that happens, but it's not the customer's fault. It's not something you can predict from handling an item in the store.


I hope this thread hasn't made you feel bad - I think we're all on your side!! 


I get a little carried away when merchandise is of disappointing quality. It happens too often these days. But my ire is directed at the manufacturers and retailers. We deserve better!