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I only wear flat shoes these days but wondered who still wears high heels with jeans?

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Re: Heels with jeans?

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I don't....usually boots (all heights - but mostly short), loafers, birkies, seldom flats

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@bargainsgirl   I wear all kinds of different shoes and heel heights with jeans, depending on the look I'm going for and the style of the jeans.  I think people should wear what they like and dress to suit themselves, not anyone else.  

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I wore wedge espadrilles with cropped jeans to the movies last night.
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Re: Heels with jeans?

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I only wear flats. My boots have maybe a 1" heel and that's it. I don't even own any heels.

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I never wear flat shoes, except Vionic sandals. 


Otherwise, it's a heel of some sort. 

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Re: Heels with jeans?

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I'm assuming you mean dressy shoes with heels like we see many of the QVC hosts wearing. I've never worn those with jeans in my entire life. I wear some kind of boots with a minimal heel or once in awhile a sneaker. I will admit unlike many others here my shoe wardrobe is lacking. I'm just not into them. But I have more jewelry then the rest of the free world! 😲😲😲 

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Not ever with dressy black jeans nor midnight dark blue dressy ones. 


I don't wear high heels with anything anymore!!!!!  Certainly not doing it with jeans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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They're ugly as sin, but I now wear Crocs almost always no matter what pants I have on. As I've aged, my feet can't handle heels anymore. I need a wide toe box & stability or my feet wack out & take forever to heel again. I change into dress flats when I go someplace special though. 

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If you are referring to more of a dressy pump, I stopped wearing them with jeans ages ago.  I will wear, however,  a wedge, dressy or casual  boot or bootie with different heel heights.  I think even though most of the qvc hosts wear heels, most people no longer do.