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Re: Have You Turned Your "Extra Bedroom" Into A Closet????

@GinaV24  Those coats range in size from 1X to 2X.  


Most are beautiful Lambs leather.  I went through a phase where I was buying Bradley something.  I think he was on QVC.


On HSN there was Terri something with the amazing leather coats.


A few with Dennis Basso.  I have one Dennis Basso that’s absolutely beautiful.  It looks like real fur but it’s fake.


My daughter’s ex-Mother in law gave her some kind of real fur coat that she paid $10,000 for.  It had specific clamps on it.  This fake fur coat has the same clamps on it along with the chains for hanging.


I barely wear them.  They’re every color.


Is anyone else like this about a particular item?  Like maybe shoes, jackets?


The only other items I love are my Birkenstock shoes.


I have a friend who’s like that with lipstick.


I think some Dooney people are like that.


Phew!  I need to go sit down now!  Ha!


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Re: Have You Turned Your "Extra Bedroom" Into A Closet????

My DH recently built a large (not walk-in) closet in an existing guest room that two of our grandsons use.  The room was quite long in length and I saw the possiblity.  


We could still put a second closet in another upstairs bedroom.  I don't even need it for clothes, but think it would be a plus in selling our home.


I would never make a bedroom into a closet permanently.  Closet space is important, but I do think that extra bedrooms are more important.  Then the buyers themselves can use/fill a room as they please.

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Re: Have You Turned Your "Extra Bedroom" Into A Closet????

Yes I did exactly that 3 years ago.  The whole room is a walk-in that is 14 by 13 is now a room for my clothes.  I had DH put up shelving for my summer shoes, ordered several of the garment hangers-on wheels for my summer clothes besides the closet, and also have a stand with shelves for my sweaters.  This room is solely dedicated to my summer wardrobe and shoes plus handbags. 


All my winter clothes occupy a 13-foot walk-in closet in my bedroom and shelving for my winter shoes and sweaters.


I also have a storage room off the family room that is 10 by 10 I had built in that I keep coats, etc. in.