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Halston with Jill this Morning

Great to see Jill presenting Halston this morning.... She gives such important attention to the detail of each garment while still being low key and enjoyable to watch. Truly a seasoned professional. Hope to see her doing more fashion shows.


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Re: Halston with Jill this Morning

I agree, I really enjoy Jill and receive the most info from her in a professional way without the louder pushing many of the others project.


I also have been enjoying the Halston line.  Not so fond of the oversized items, but the sophistication of what I'm seeing has impressed me.  Loved the leather faux fur lined boots that were on this morning..... nice!  Woman LOL 

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Re: Halston with Jill this Morning

Jill Bauer is a first class professional.  Her shows always run smoothly without chaos.  Yet she is not boring.  Best part she understands how hard it is to buy from television.  Jill gives you all of the information necessary to assist in making decisions.

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Re: Halston with Jill this Morning

Jill really does look cute this morning in the H by outfit.  It brought a smile to my face when I realized she looks like she just stepped of the Star Ship Enterprise! Smiley Happy



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Re: Halston with Jill this Morning

I didn't see that show but I know what you mean.  The more experienced hosts, the ones who have been with QVC the longest do a much better job of presenting fashion.  They know what we need to know about a garment before we can make a decision to purchase.  The younger/newer hosts are all about the "sizzle".  They tell us how "red carpet" something is or how "fashion foward" or how the "celebrities" are wearing it and how "cool" it is.  But they never actually describe the garment.  And they do so looooovvvve themselves and love being on tv.  They forget why they are on tv.  It's not to talk about fashion, they are there to sell clothing. 

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Re: Halston with Jill this Morning

Yup! Jill is a seasoned professional! NO busting a move, making up words, or constantly begging us to "like me on facebook". I've had my fill of ALL those. Just the facts ma'am. Jill gives us that and in a professional, grown up manner that makes it easy and pleasant to purchase the items. Thanks Jill!

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Re: Halston with Jill this Morning

just wanted jill  to know i became curious about the word JUSHE so here's the definition:to roll up sleeves,waist or cuff to add style. you were on the right track.

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Re: Halston with Jill this Morning

We discussed that word on another thread a few weeks ago, the word about pushing sleeves or whatever up, that Cameron and Jill were talking about this morning. Here is the spelling:




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