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Re: Halston's Cameron Silver

I too am impressed by him.  He is well groomed, humble, knowledgeable and charming.  But, I get the feeling that he really enjoys working with the models and hosts.  I purchased a few items and they fit nice and finished nicely.  I loved the fly away jacket on  Brenda with the pink top and scarf; very feminine clothing line with the simplicity that Halston was known for.  I am retired now and don't need a jacket but I am tempted.

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Re: Halston's Cameron Silver

@islandgrrl wrote:

@Chi-town girl wrote:




@Chi-town girl  What is the item number for this sweater?  I couldn't find it.  Thanks! 


@islandgrrl-It's the one with the cowl back




H by Halston Bateau Neck Long Sleeve Tunic with Cowl Back



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Re: Halston's Cameron Silver

@Chi-town girl


I love the style with the cowl in the back.  Love it.  But I need a sweater in black so I picked up the more standard Halston cowl neck (cowl in the front).  Thank you as always for the help. Heart

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Re: Halston's Cameron Silver

To me, this line seems like more of the same old same old. Doesn't look different to me and is high priced. I am not impressed but that's just my viewpoint.

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Re: Halston's Cameron Silver

I completely disagree, it is not the same old same old.  I have several pieces including the trench coat and they are beautful and very well made.   Also, Halstons prices are cheaper than some of the other designers on the Q, like Susan Graver, Lori Goldstein, Linea.  


I also agree about Cameron, he is such a delight to watch.  He's so knowledgeable and very personable.

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Re: Halston's Cameron Silver

I really like him, I watched the Bravo show he had a year or so ago.


Personally the clothing is just OK, (for me) but as I have said before I am happy to see new stuff on the Q so I watch to see him

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Re: Halston's Cameron Silver

I have got to say that I am really in love with this line. It is work to play.  I have 3 pieces now with some on the way.  I love the colors Halston has picked for this season.  The blush is beautiful the classics, black and gray. 


Cameron is fun to watch and he knows the history of the line and that makes it even better.  Can't wait to see what else will show up.  I have to say this is my favorite Q clothing line and I did not buy any clothing before.



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Re: Halston's Cameron Silver

@Chi-town girl  Thanks for posting this.  I saw the presentation and then forgot about it.  Decisions, decisionsWoman Happy

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Re: Halston's Cameron Silver

I have been delighted with all of the several Halston pieces I purchased and def consider myself a Halstonette! And a Cameronette! This line has been priced lower than almost every other brand here, and I hope it stays that way. Good designs, great colors, fab fabrics. I am surprised at the volume of new and different items Q brought in for this new vendor. Bye bye Susan and D&C and HELLO! Halston!

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Re: Halston's Cameron Silver

Embarrassed to admit, I thougt he was Halston.  I don't think I have ever heard of the brand.  Then I was mortified to find out that the real Holston is long gone.  Anyway this guy is pretty good.