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Got to say, now having a number of these pieces, I really love this line.  It is so nice to see Q change it up a bit.  The fit, colors and style are so business/casual friendly.  I ventured into the shoes and belts too.  I love that the sizes (for me) are my regular store sizes.  With some of the other designers, I was not sure what size to order, regular or Q size. 


I purchased some boots in my normal 7 1/2 and they fit pefectly.  Got the 2 in the jackets and xxs in tops I wanted closer fitting and xs in tops that i wanted to fit looser and all have been right on to what I would get in the brick and mortor stores.


Who else is happy with this line?



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I love all of my Halston purchases, too. Not so sure about the New Arrivals, though. Sleeveless in October? Would have bought that new top if it had long sleeves!
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I've had good success with this line, too. I truly hope they keep up the quality!

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I have two pieces, both sweaters, and they are extremely comfortable.  They are well made but haven't washed them yet, so will be interested to see how they hold up over time. 

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I too like this new line. Bought the TSV duster and a top-excellent quality, fit and decent pricing. Glad to know the shoes & handbags are also good buys. My current rave--the orchid color in the apparel items, gorgeous tone!


Hope they don't over expose/cheapen the line with frumpy poly designs like they did with the Lisa Rinna line-should have left it alone as it was intended when it was Belle Gray! 

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Re: Halston Line

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I think the line is very pretty , but nothing for me in my casual , tropical retirement life. Maybe they will have some nice summer clothes I'll like. one thing I miss about the northern winter are the pretty clothes.

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I haven't purchaed anything from this line, but I DO agree that everything looks great and I've been temtped many times to buy. I will definitely check the line out more thoroughly. 

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I am in love with my blush TSV duster, and would like to order another when they come back in stock  It will be hard to decide which color to get next, though.  I love the collection's color palette -- subtle and sophisticated.

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I too am loving all of my Halston items. Good quality...good price point.  And the softness of the sweaters (I have 3) is amazing.  I've worn the TSV duster only once so far but the temps are finally falling enough that I should get good use from it.  


@SFGIANTSGIRL Which boots did you purchase? (not that I need another pair).

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I'm probably comparing apples to oranges here..... but I bought a sage green Halston twin sweater set back in the 80's.  It was so traditional it never went out of style - I could just change up my jewelry or scarves, and it looked stylish every year.  It was washable and I machine washed and dried both pieces about once a week from fall to spring every year.  I wore that Halston set for over 20 years with both slacks and skirts to work.   I finally donated it because I was tired of it -- it never wore out.    Sometimes I wish I still had it.    I watch the Halston shows on Q now and wonder if it's still the same quality?  Time will tell.

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