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@Chi-town girlWoman Wink

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Did you receive your duster?  Fingers crossed that it fit well and you love it!

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@islandgrrl, yes I did and I love it!  I got the blush, and I think I could have sized down a size, but I actually like the looser fit.  I considered ordering a second one, but decided it's such a dramatic and memorable look that I probably wouldn't get enough use out of two.  I might change my mind, though!  The fabric is so soft and lovely. Overall, a very well done piece and I will definitely be considering other Halston items in the future!


Again, thanks for your help!

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@lulu2 wrote:

I needed a pair of plain gray suede flats and saw there is one offered in this line.  I could not care less about the brand.  I watched the video and liked what I saw for the price.


These are just okay, nothing special. I am keeping them as I have not found another pair of gray suede flats, I like better.

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With the exception of Amy, who presented it at midnight, I thought it looked pretty awful on the models they were using.

They seemed to style it better in latter presentations but I still found the extra length in the back made it look sloppy.

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I am glad to hear that so many were pleased, it's nice to have something new at QVC. However, I have to say that for me, at this point,  I was totally non-plussed by the line.

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Re: Halston.....Anyone?

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Today I received the poncho in blue.  I love the color, but I could have done without the faux suede around the pocket..  The models must have been wearing the plus size because I am under 5'4" and mine is not nearly as long on me.

H by Halston Cowl Neck Sweater Poncho with Pocket - A269405


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Very pretty flats, lulu. Enjoy.Woman Happy



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@italia8140 wrote:

@Danielle46 wrote:

This is not the Halston that you remember.  This line at QVC has nothing to do with the high end Halston.  This is a line owned by the inventment company "XCel Brands" who bought Isaac's line, Judith Ripka, Laura Geller and they have a 40% intrest in LCNY.  They using their own designers and manufacturers.  Your buying the name but it nothing to do with the couture Halston.  if Halston were alive, he would never have a line on QVC.

 100% agree.

I've been reading more and more about, "XCell Brands" , and don't like what I'm reading. I'm wondering what stack the parent company of QVC has in all this? I can think of brands from the past that were bought out by Q or, a subsidiary and, they were totally morphed into a shadow of the original ~ of what got the brands successful in life beginning!  Just to name a few of my old favs: TOVA, JOSEPH ESPOSITO, VICTOR COSTA.  The one that most surprises me is Judith Ripka. I've collected her jewellery for many years. But when the DMQ started to come in, I backed off. I would rather buy one piece a year than ten piece that aren't the true essence of JR. 

These successful designers~artists become talking heads for what used to be their baby, their brand!

the ONLY thing I've bought this year from Q in the JR Line is a tank watch, in two tone and w/o any gemstones except the mop face.

it is a sad commentary on how things are done!

ive heard there may be a merge of QVC & HSN~ Please for all things good and real...I hope this doesn't happen!