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@goldensrbest My experience with this brand has been with leggings and jeggings. I own their cotton black leggings, and also their denim jeggings...liked them both, wash and wear like iron.

I'm a 4 pant and take size small, if that helps you know if they are true to size.


I worked in two boutiques, and we sold boatloads of these leggings, jeggings, and a few of Hue's other items. Good quality. Women loved them. Hope that helps!


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Our Macy's (when we still had one) carried the HUE brand but they were socks and tights.  I didn't realize they offered other things too.  The quality is very good....or at least it was back when I purchased them at Macy's.

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I bought a two pack of their leggings on HSN a while back , they were the fleece lined ones.  I got my normal size and found they were short in the rise, fit like petites.  I kept them because I didn't pay alot for them and I only wear them at home in the winter.  If it weren't for the rise the fleece lined ones are nice and warm for the cold weather.   I would not order this brand again for the sake of sizing.

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i have a couple pair of clearance HUE sleep sets from HSN.   the fit is fine but the tops are poly/span and do not breathe - made my back break-out.   by the time i could wear them it was too late to return


Their opague tights always  ran small and the leggings run small.



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I've bought Hue socks from Macy's, and they are very nice.  I wouldn't hesitate to try leggings or something else.  I might even have some Hue PJ/s.

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I have only bought their socks and tights from local b and m stores over the years and they were good quality and last.  Havne't tried their products on HSN and do not need or intend to buy any more leggings.

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I like their Utopia cotton-blend leggings and own them in seven (7) colors. Several in Black, Heather Graphite, and Twilight. I'm a size 4, or Small, usually. I take these in a Medium. 


I got a perfect legging tee and like it, it's long enough for me. I plan to get more.


The Cloud Knit pajamas #772-385 are horrible. Already falling apart straight out of the bag, they came with holes already in them. Began disintegrating as soon as I put them on. They went straight in the trash. They wouldn't hold up to a launder.


The 3/4 sleeve brushed knit pajamas #781-657 look okay so far, but I haven't worn them yet.


Seems most everything is okay, but I'll never buy any more of their pajamas. 

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Run, don't walk to the HUE website!  Their starting price is lower than on HSN, plus you get an additional 20% off if it's your first purchase.  I saved $17!

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I was told to "buy a size up and buy cotton" by my coworkers when I worked at Belk.  They were right.

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Their denim jeggings are great.  


At 5'4", they are a little long on me, but I tuck them in booties.