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Has anyone purchased any Nina Leonard Fashions?  I am eyeing the sleevelss maxi dress - don't know much about any of her fashion.  Nice colors

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Yes, I have and have been satisfied with the quality.  I also found out that brand is sold at Kohl's and ordered an item from there.


QVC used to carry NL years ago.



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Re: HSN Weekly Deal Drop

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Thanks for the info. Same dress.  Le$$ and I can use my coupon


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I like her line. In fact thinking about it I think it's my favorite line at HSN. So many of the other lines have become too trendy, too youthful for me, or just not styles that I wear anymore. 

The Nina Leonard line I find comfortable, and for me run true to size. I think the things I buy are usually casual but her styling details can elevate the item a little. I find her patterns pleasing. I like the price point of her clothes especially when there's a Today's Special or sale. (I like to heart some items and save as a favorite for when HSN has free shipping or a discount code.)


That dress looks comfortable and I really like all the colors.

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they used to sell the line on QVC for quite a while.

just a FYI ......there is no "nina leonard."

lenny feinberg and his wife nina were the original designer/owners of the line. my guess is that they sold the line once he passed away (or maybe even before that?)


The Nina Leonard Company was created when Lenny Feinberg and his wife Nina began their own design house. Leonard Feinberg, the "Leonard" behind the Nina Leonard design team, has been a force in the fashion industry for over 20 years. The company dedicated to creating fashions for "real women" living "real lives". Women come in all shapes and sizes and crave great design, which is why the fashions from this line come in petite and full figure sizes. Nina Leonard is one of the industry's top apparel brands because they are up to date with all of the hottest looks, colours and most flattering styles. These products are sold in major department and specialty stores across North America and are only available at The Shopping Channel in Canada. (circa 2011)

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I just bought some plus sized shirts from Kohls (not delivered yet), so I wonder if they will be  NL group fashions. Thanks!

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Nina Leonard is a nice line.  I have pieces from many years ago as well as a few more recent ones.  I generally buy on HSN when the items are on clearance, get some great deals that way.   It's good quality clothing.

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Back when NL was sold on QVC, I bought a pair of black knit crop pants.  I wore those pants to death.  I never had any pilling on them, color fading, nothing.  After several years they became thread bare and it was time to toss them.  Based on that experience,  I wouldn't hesitate to try the line again.

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I love a good maxi dress and the price of that dress is excellent but the slit is too high for me.