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Re: HSN TS waterfall cardigan

I have to say that I like this better seeing it live than I did in the still shots.  It is still a huge pass for me for all the reasons I mentioned above.


Is this supposed to be similar to Barefoot Dreams?  The material looks Barefoot Dreamish to me.

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Re: HSN TS waterfall cardigan

@Kachina624 wrote:

The cut on this cardigan is too extreme.  I can see those long, dangly side panels getting in the way of car door, rolling chairs and generally being bothersome.  I wouldn't even consider this.

Agree with you.  Also, I think the points look odd, coming out from a coat or jacket.

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Re: HSN TS waterfall cardigan

@MoonieBaby wrote:

LOVE HER - but am BEYOND SICK TO DEATH of that BORING SAME OLD, long/short/shark-bite SILHOUETTE, snooze fest of a shape


- is this the only shape anyone can offer in a topper of any kind?


***** (so last decade!) *****

- nothing fashion forward or new about it.


stretch -


back to sleep....


GREAT idea Ko! Take a nice L O N G nap...Woman Wink

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Re: HSN TS waterfall cardigan

I ordered it in the ivory.  I got an XS hoping it'll be ok on my petite frame. I have a cardigan cut just like this from banana republic, it's really nice and drapes well. So I hope this will be similar.

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Re: HSN TS waterfall cardigan

Thanks for the replies and keeping it congenial. I’ve seen fights break out over lesser differences of opinions LOL. 

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Re: HSN TS waterfall cardigan

I'm not buying it but I'm kinda glad to see that this style is still current as I have a few cascade cardigans that I like and won't feel like I'm hopelessly "OUT" if I wear them. 



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Re: HSN TS waterfall cardigan

[ Edited ]

I ordered the charcoal just now. Looked at it all day. I Love her clothes. I have several pairs of her jeans a nd tops. Love her style. I am 5.3.5 34 c-d 128 lbs

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Re: HSN TS waterfall cardigan

I like this kind of cardigan, but for home loungewear only. So much of the fashion shown on the shopping channels is in this genre, it might lead women to think it is fashionable to wear from home to work to cocktails and dinner. I am calling nonsense! This stuff (including BF Dreams) is loungewear.


There are exceptions. I know many pieces can transition, but not most of them.

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Re: HSN TS waterfall cardigan

No, it’s too long & I don’t like the “points”.  I would prefer a shark bite bottom.

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Re: HSN TS waterfall cardigan

@tucsongal wrote:

I suspect that a lot of people here won’t like this because of the style or the vendor, but I ordered it in denim. This is so much more my style then structured garments and the shark bite hem keeps it lighter, not looking so much like a bathrobe. I have a similar silhouette in teal and it’s shorter, so I hope I’ll like this one.




Well I am joining you.

I ordered black and rust color, I plan to see it a belt sometimes!

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