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@Katcat1 wrote:

@Shanus   I am so over the high low hems.  What idiot thought of that idea?  Also sick of tunic tops which make you look larger.  All I want is a regualr top with regular hem (I absolutely don't want shark bite hems).  Now I am finished complaining or as I call it tellimg it like it is.  Happy 4th, Shanus.   Doing any weddings lately?


@Katcat1   Happy 4th to you, too. Weddings:  I did 2 in May, 1 last month and 3 brides waited until mid-end July...the hottest time of year. One of these is an outdoor wedding. August is 2 weddings and then fortunately, the others in the fall. Is there such a thing as A/C in a tent?

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I hate, hate hi-lo hems. All my hems are already hi-lo; if you have any bosom whatsoever.  Otherwise that hem just exaggerates what I already have.  My opinion only the flattest-chested, thin models look good in them. 

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I don't mind a subtle high low hem, especially if I'm wearing a slim pant, because the lower hem in the back gives me more coverage and confidence. Some women can pull off the dramatic high low hems, but I'm not one of them.