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@Pearlee Now that you point it out - I have to chuckle 

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@Silver Fox1 


Where online are you looking?


If you are shopping for men, probably the best place with "correct" sizing is Lands End.   Not only do they have quality clothes that wash and wear well, they also have accurate sizing and I believe a size chart.


If you are shopping at Kohl's for men, that's a hit or miss too.  Some of the shirts are cheap with expensive prices, depends on the brand but the flannels wrinkle and show their wear.


Another place for men is Haband but honestly those clothes are hit or miss, nothing compared to a Lands End.

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Thanks @moonandthestars and everyone !  I'm going with a 2X, he's normanly a XXL .  I was looking at a puffer jacket here on QVC and it has no size chart.and no vido or comments.  If it's a little big he can ware a havey sweater under it and if it's real big I'll sent it back !.  Thanks to you all again !  

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Also, if you are in a brick and mortar store, you can ask someone in the men's department.


The way lady's clothing goes, an XXL is a 1X

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@Silver Fox1 wrote:

What, in mens sizing, would a 1X eaqual ?   Would it be a XXL or is 2X an XXL?  Thank you all in advance. I should know this. But lately I'ev just been second guessing myself on everything.  Trying to shop for men has been a nighmare this year !

@Silver Fox1   As with women's clothing, every line and item has different sizing. It's impossible to shop for DH. He is average size, but each sweater fits him differently.  I've started giving him gift cards, but with items being more scarce this year, he'll wait to shop until shipping issues are somewhat resolved. 


I hope you have luck figuring it out.