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I was soooo disappointed that my jacket ran small and will have to try this free Q exchange. I wear a 16 and usually coats always add extra room so you can easily wear clothes under it, right?


Well this just barely fit, so while I have never worn 18, I need to be able to wear a sweater under it. Oh well. Wondering if anyone else got the same result? 

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Did you read the measurements under the description column "click here".  It will tell you what the chest measurements are, waist and hips.  Make sure the 18 will be big enough especially if you have plans on wearing a bulky sweater..  I am not trying to be funny but you said that the 16 did not fit.  Good luck with the exchange.  I have marked that a few times and it was completely ignored but not since it has been announced on TV by the hosts.  Good luck. 

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I always go up a size in jackets to ensure that I can comfortably wear a sweater or blazer or heavy scarf under it.