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Re: H by Halston jogger pants

@LTT1, YAY! My jogger pants just arrived, and they are long enough! Without pushing them down! Yippie! I ordered the lemongrass, a yellowish olive, brighter than I was anticipating, but I'm not a bashful fashion girl so I'm gonna rock these! I also ordered the tunic sweater to wear with them, pic below. It is dreamy! I don't care if people refer to me as My Little Martian! I barely tuck the right corner of the sweater into the waist of the joggers, coupled with some killer heels, so dang cute. Fabric is fine, I was worried it would be too thin. So far, I am very pleased with the Halston line (got a couple other things, too, lol). Woman Wink


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Re: H by Halston jogger pants


YOU GO GIRL! It sounds SPEC-tacular!

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Re: H by Halston jogger pants

Even though I haven't ordered anything yet, just want to say that Cameron Silver if fun to watch.  He seems like he really is glad to be there and respects the customers.