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Re: Guilty of getting lured into spending $$$$

I buy a lot from QVC - too much in fact.  I almost bought another top today for $45.  That is too much in my opinion, so it is on my wait list for now.


My sister always finds these cute tops in our local stores.  I think I just need to shop with her, because I am sure she is paying way less than QVC prices. 


It is just so easy to shop from the TV or website.  Walking around a mall and going in those awful dressing rooms does not appeal to me.  So I think we need to give ourselves a break and not beat ourselves up over buying from QVC.

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Re: Guilty of getting lured into spending $$$$

I agree with all of you.  It is so true how easy it is to get sucked into buying something.

I have been really making an effort to NOT purchase anymore clothing.  During the winter I did buy some but from Chico's, as the sales they were having were just too good to pass up. They also offer free shipping if you join the passport program which all you do is sign up, no fees or anything.   I still enjoy watching QVC/HSN, sometimes, but I feel I am actually getting bored with it.  

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Re: Guilty of getting lured into spending $$$$

Many years ago I used to watch the Q often and buy lots of clothing. Looking back, I spent way too much money. I'm not opposed to spending more $ for good quality, but I can usually find similar things for less money at other retailers. I will still buy from the Q if there's something I really love, but that doesn't happen very often anymore. I rarely watch the Q anymore which really helps me refrain from buying from them. 

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Re: Guilty of getting lured into spending $$$$

I killed some time in TJ Maxx today before an appointment. It's not even a better TJM, but I saw many cute things. Dresses, tops. The store was much neater than it used to be too, racks not as crammed with merchandise (I hate that, when you can't even move clothing to look at it). I was in the same one Christmas shopping last Nov.


Didn't buy anything, but they are definitely more budget friendly than QVC. I was looking at dresses and saw a St John knit dress for $300.  St. John price was around $1200.


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Re: Guilty of getting lured into spending $$$$

The other day in TJ Maxx, a print dress on a rack display caught my eye. It was straight, about knee length with long sleevers. The background was black, and it had a design of large tomato cans all over it that were about 5" in size each and very colorful. I would never wear it! I looked at the price tag, and it was $599.00, a Dolce Gabbanna made in Italy. I could not believe what I was looking at and called it out to a nearby shopper, and we had a laugh about it. An employee said it may be a runway dress. To each his own, but I'd 'run-away' from that one....

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Re: Guilty of getting lured into spending $$$$

This topic really hits me right between the EYES!Woman LOL  I have had to return many clothing items that either don't fit correctly or the color/quality for the price is just crazy.  I don't blame anyone but myself for getting "talked" into it. 


I recently went to Kohl's as I had a $5 reward (had purchased some PJ's there) anyway I found 4 beautiful well made good fabric and colors v-neck tanks!  All were on sale (had a coupon for more off too plus earned more Kohl's cash) each one about 16.00. I kept thinking each one of these at Q would be at least $ shipping and hoping you got the right size or then your stuck with a big return fee!  


The fitting rooms that day were open for the 1st time! Yippee!!!  







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Re: Guilty of getting lured into spending $$$$

I think it happens to all of us and this last year has not been don't beat yourself up.


I am a fan of some of the fashions on QVC so I try and buy stuff on lunchtime specials or a TSV.    I also shop out and about.  Sometimes I find stuff and sometimes not.  


I stick with pants locally because I like to try on.  


I do think they have a nice variety on the Q but prices can be too high too.  


I guess just have to stop watching so much.  I just don't need that many clothes either.  But always been a weakness for me.  Never had them when I was younger and always too broke.  Now that I can I don't need them.  Go figure.


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Re: Guilty of getting lured into spending $$$$

I don't know where you went, but you get exactly what you pay for.  A discount house, unless you are buying  a brand like Ralph Lauren is "fast fashion" often times.

I will not spend the summer in fabric that doesn't breath. 

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Re: Guilty of getting lured into spending $$$$

My problem is buying clothes and having no place to go.


I am happy with my purchases, mostly D &C  and Isaac.


I have more clothes than I did when I was employed.  I was so


busy, I suppose.


Now I have shoes sitting in boxes, never worn, tops on hangers,

and too many pairs of pants to even know the number.


Sometimes I feel pathetic, really.


And, guess what?  I'm still shopping!!!!


My own experience with stores--I now wear L-XL, not a great selection, and items look shop-worn.


I tend to also buy on LLBean, Lands End, and JJill (store and online).  But I keep coming back to the Q.  I'm happy here.


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Re: Guilty of getting lured into spending $$$$

I have stopped shopping the shopping channels anymore--but always did  research first before ordering---can find most things elsewhere for less and usually free shipping and faster shipping---my deal is ordering groceries online---wow I spent alot of $$ with more peope home all the time--now everyone is back to work and not as much cooking to do--but the food prices are INSANE!!