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I ordered 2 Laurie Felt silky ankle pants and an Any Body brushed hacci top and they were all over 75% off with free S & H today - and a bonus of 10% back on Rakuten.  I never see the Q's prices discounted this much so I'm hoping everything is unworn and in good shape - they were not makred "As Is" or "Final Slae

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Sorry - it should read "Sale" prices!

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I ordered a D&C top reduced to $10.  Should be worth it--LOL!!!

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Re: Great See Prices (QVC)

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@OutofMadison  You can edit your post.



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@OutofMadison You might want to check your items again. If it says blowout clearance price, it’s not returnable unless it’s defective. 

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I did see many great prices, but I agree with @tucsongal, many items were Blowout Clearence.