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I don't own a SG blazer, but I do own a couple other pieces from her line that are very well made and still look good several years later. 

I didn't think the SG recent TSV blazer price was "out of line". I don't think $100 is too much for one if it's well made, but I understand we all have different budgets and limits on what we will spend for clothing. 


There has always been a huge markup in fashion compared to the cost of materials. I have noticed Q brands are more expensive than in the past, but it seems lots of things cost more lately. 


Blazers have been trending for a few seasons now. I'm seeing all kinds of styles online and in stores at various prices. I see inexpensive blazers on Amazon, but I've never bought one. I've also seen blazers for hundreds of dollars in higher end department stores. 


I like wearing blazers as a jacket to complete a look. Sometimes I find a blazer bargain at TJMaxx, Marshall's, and local consignment stores. A few times I've splurged and spent more. 




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Just keep checking on it if you want it. The price will go down especially if it doesn't sell. 

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Re: Graver Blazers

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I think it was model Bonnie. Her lapel was constntly flipping up. She kept pushing it back down. Once it is washed and dried I think it will get worse.

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If suckers buy it then they will suck. I can't stand Susan graver anyways. She's not getting any of my monies. When she is on I'm hoping it's the end of her show on to another. I hate that she is still on the q.