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I don't knit, but I can't imagine anyone going through the agony of making style #2, only to inspire fits of laughter everywhere she goes.

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They look nice and I like the colors.  I'd say there's a difference between "Gothic" and "Goth."

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GURL...  LOVE,  except the color of the second one.  I love it but not in that color.

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Thank you!

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Re: Gothic Inspired Knits

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Yes - I've subscribed to their mag for years. Stopped for a while and recently re-subscribed.  I'd have to go through the issues to actually identify which patterns I've used.   


My approach to patterns is that "they are suggestions, not directions."  I frequently modify patterns.


I have about a dozen library boxes of back issues.  


They aren't the best (or my favorite) knitting magazine around - but they do have some interesting patterns.  


@jackthebear wrote:

@ALRATIBA wrote:

The latest issue of Interweave Knits is featuring Gothic-inspired knits.  Usually, what shows up in the knitting and crochet world is about a year ahead of the mass market. 


I'm looking forward to some interesting new knitwear!


To quote:


Fill your winter with the Gothic-inspired knits of Interweave Knits Winter 2021. This issue uses Gothic literature and architecture as inspiration for opulent shawls, mitts, sweaters, and more. Read about the origins of the term Gothic, how to control ladders when working cables, and learn how one designer found her inspiration. 

have you made anything from Interweave? 



I just got annoyed with patterns and the fit, the last sweater just didn't work and it pis**** me off big time 


and I am an experienced knitter 



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 2nd one reminds me of a knit sleeveless dress  from Anthropologie  a few yrs ago that was in the same color .


 Love handmade knits .

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@Jersey Born 


It wouldn't be that difficult to alter the pattern and modify that part.




@Jersey Born wrote:

They're all wonderful (particularly #1 and #3), but #2 in that yellow ochre color would make my hips look otherworldly awful.  


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Still look Celtic to me. Wold be a great TSV for ST. Paddy's Day.

And things that go bump in the night!!