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cracks me up dumb picture, 

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@SharkE wrote:

@LdyBugz wrote:

Very pretty! I hope you will share how you will excessorize this beauty.  A scarf?  A pin on the lapel?  Or maybe nothing at all?  Enjoy!

shiny buttons is good for the coat I got plenty of jewelry.

LOL  14kt gold braclet of Adorna's rolo with magnet is offered this week during GoldShow. Diamond bracelet, 

gold bangles, Imperial gold bracelet, on and on.


Probably wear a white sweater under it . Navy slacks or black.  Black shoes with inch heel.  I'm the only fashionista in there. Just got hair cut like Jane Fonda's LOL

Nice, classic choices!  You'll look fabulous! 

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@SharkE   Haha  I've seen your pic, and you are definitely not a man!  We need a new Dancing Susy with the red coat and the Jane Fonda hairdo.  Just wondering...are there single men in your church?  groucho.gif

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Not anybody I'd want. LOL Besides they couldn't afford it.



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I need to find a oil and gas and Tx cattleman and just have him around when it suits me to fix something or change lightbulbs high up.    Spoiled minx, I am.

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Happy for you.  I really love that coat.

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Glad it turned out the color red on the computer! Enjoy your new coat,

Merry Christmas Santa

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@SharkE   Oh my, this coat is a real stunner, a real classic and classy design. Kudos to you for buying the gorgeous RED, so happy for you that it is a perfect fit too.


Enjoy this one throughout the holiday season, maybe through the winter if y ou can and right into spring!  You chose a great coat. I checked out all the colors when you posted last week on this one. I so love the periwinkle one too as I love this color done right of course. 


Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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Just gorgeous and in time for the festive Christmas spirit in your bright red coat

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Been watching too much Hallmark movies all those women have the prettiest coats.