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God Bless Louis Dell'Olio, too

Best designer on QVC, extrodinary fabrics, everything fit perfectly and " NO " I ain't his mother, only discovered this wonderful designer recently on QVC and his is without a doubt the best DESIGNER they have showed me so far. EXTRODINARY designs, fantastic material, completely ' High-end' thinking in world of 'get the money and fast' , he is superlative in every way, plus his on-line, quick reply to customer is ultra. ( - answers all question and girl I mean immediately. I posted a question and within 5 mins. got a reply. He put all other designers to shame. His man is a saint to fashion and in the designers world. I love you Louis and I've only purchased 3 items so far and the 3rd is on it's way. Put this designers on M O R E..... He is a 10 star giant.