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No pettites????????

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I wore them years ago - can’t recall, but there was something about the fit that I stopped buying them.
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I've worn them for years.  They are the only jeans that fit.  I've tried the other more expensive ones OVC offers, no good.  I have at LEAST 50 pairs.  I get them mostly at Kohl's and don't pay anywhere near the price QVC has them for.  Plus they offer them in short (not petite).

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I buy them at Kohl's all the time in petite short. They fit great and are very reasonable, especially on sale and then a coupon besides!

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My sisters really like the higher rise in GV jeans to "hold in" the belly area. Most of my jeans are Levi's with a mid rise, but I do own 2 pairs of GV jeans in the straight leg style. They are very comfortable, and I think the GV jeans look good on all of us. 

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Gloria Vanderbilt were the first jeans I wore as a teenager in the 80's. I now only wear high rise jeans because of the chronic back pain I have. Most of my jeans wardrobe are Levis.