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The actual print and colors of the dress are pretty.


I don't care for anything else about it.  The knee socks are hideous. 

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Re: Gigi Hadid In Prada

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She's not that pretty and that outfit is a butt ugly mish mash of nonsense.  Makes me wonder if she wasn't just poking fun at the photographers.  

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Don’t know who she is, but she is beautiful!  If anyone can pull this off, she can. 

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@Hippiified Gigi is one of the world's top models. So is her sister Bella. Her mother is Yolanda Foster, she used to be on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and used to be married to David Foster.



I agree that Gigi is beautiful. 



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Obviously this is a fashion forward look that most can’t pull off. if course Gigi is a gorgeous, young model, so everything looks great on her.
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Looks like a bad 90s flashback!
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She's pretty, but I hate her entire outfit, lol. Costly doesn't always mean better or beautiful.
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She's a very pretty girl. But that get up is bad ugly!

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Lingerie from the knees up. Bag lady from the knees down. Is this Prada's new image?? Big buck$ and tacky at the same time. I think l'll pass.

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i think i only like the handbag. LOL

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