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I think she is lovely and almost always stunning.  But this makes me wonder if she was attending the same function as Pippa Middleton last week.

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I am always curious about things like $170 knee stockings -- if money were truly no object (or in Gigi's case, someone gives it to you for free) would you honestly feel a difference? This isn't exactly the same but I am a big fan of DKNY tights -- I can tell the difference when I pick up a less well-constructed pair and it drives me nuts.  Do the Prada stockings really feel better than the average high quality pair? I'll never know, of course.


And I love those shoes. I'd wear them with ankle/cigarette pants or a very long skirt in spring or fall.  

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First impression -- she wearing the coat hanger along with the dress and some granny support hose with clodhoppers.  Designers are just slapping it together just because they can.

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That whole look looks like a very tall child got into her mother’s closet and just pulled whatever out of it.  She is lovely and deserves better.

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Uh no. Just no.