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Getting feedback on outfits

I'm horrible at putting outfits together so I was looking for an app the would help me keep track of my closet but also let me put together outfits that I can post online and get feedback on. You know, before I actually wear them in public Smiley Wink Does anyone use one they'd recommend?
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Re: Getting feedback on outfits

Take a selfie on your cell phone (facing into your mirror) and you can totally see yourself in your outfits....

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Re: Getting feedback on outfits

I would suggest you get Color Me Beautiful by Carol Jackson to learn to work with color and Tim Gunn's Guide To Quality, Fashion, and Taste. In a month you'll be able to make great choices!

In the meantime put neutrals together with one color. An example would be black slacks and sweater with a colored blouse or turtle neck. A good rule of thumb is to repeat one color twice.

After retiring from teaching I Design among other things, I was a top designer for a major anchor store before I started having back nerve problems. Best of luck! You can do this!

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Re: Getting feedback on outfits

There is a free fashion app called Pose that let users share and discover inspiring looks. This is a best app to keep track of daily outfits. Netrobe is also there where you can digitally create outfits, check whether they suits on you and then you can easily share it. I have tried to create many clothes from showpo site through this app.