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General returns question - two of same item.

Dont know where else to post this so here goes.... I purchased two identical pairs of Carole Hochman pajamas - one for me and one for my best friend. Same size same style. Iwore mine and hate them. The buttons do not stay closed so i woke up with the entire front of my top unbuttoned. Not a single buttoned stayed closed, so i can either sew the button holes or say forget it. They shrunk in length as well so im returning both pairs. I printed a return label and i only was given one return label since it was the exact same item with just a "2" next to quantity. Well there are two return tracking numbers showing up now. Im worried that im only going to get credited for one pair even though i am shipping back two. Has anyone had this experience before of returning two identical item in the same return package? Even though i paid for shipping for both items i wasnt given the option of returning only "one" of the pairs which was strange