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Gave New Life to a Pair of SG pants

My work wardrobe pretty much consists of Susan Graver slacks/pants. One of my favorites is A92756, but lately I've had to quit wearing them since they've started to pill so bad and look awful (and I only wash and hang to dry, so they're not put in the dryer, ever). I searched on-line for a fabric shaver and found one at Walgreens for $7.99. I went to my local Walgreens last night and picked up the shaver. Got home, installed a D battery, and went to work. After only about five minutes or so my blue pair of A92756 looks brand-spankin' new! I love these pants but didn't want to have to buy a new pair when they were in great condition aside from the pills all over.

Maybe this info will save someone else's SG pants, or any clothing item really that looks horrible due to little pills all over.