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I don't like gauze, I don't own any gauze, I won't buy any gauze.

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I love gauze - always have!  I have quite a few items which I really enjoy when it's very humid and sticky!  

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I have 3 pullover shirts that I always thought of as *gauze*.  They truly are see-thru and a very loose woven fabric.


I bought them at a boutique in Palm Springs that is now closed and I wished I had bought more!


I have to wear a top underneath them (tee or cami), but they are so light and airy.  Sort of like a loose fit pullover hoodie.



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@Greeneyedlady21 I have a couple of gauze items but I recently picked these pants up at HSN:  Item # 653-762 by Curations, which is a decent line IMO.  I love the pants, really cute and airy and yes on sale for $19.99!!!   I may have to grab another pair Smiley Happy

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I love the first (blue) one.  


Also like the second one, too.  But the first one is 'me'.  

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I don't currently own any gauze. I used to have a piece or two. I like the coral print dress best. Enjoy your new dresses! 

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Cute dresses and I love gauze for the hot summer days here in Az, but I hate my knees so I wish the dresses were below the knees.  But you gals with cute legs, go for it and enjoy! Smiley Happy

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Cute dresses. I love gauze for summer! I feel like I won the lottery when I find cotton gauze , but even some blends are  comfortable at times .