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Do you like gauze? I don't own any, but I have owned a few (now donated) pieces over the years. 


Didn't want to buy anything new for Summer, but after the recent heatwave I looked for a gauze dress that I could wear at home or out. One that wasn't a maxi.


Found this one today from Gap Factory. I ordered these two, in tall for some extra length. Had $40 Gap cash towards the purchase.


It's the first tie dye clothing purchase for me too, I really like that one.





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I don’t own any gauze but the two dresses you purchased are very cute.  I really like the coral color of the second one. 

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I had a few D&C gauze tops. They were very cute but the fabric was just too clingy so I gave them away.

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Re: Gauze For Summer

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Greeneyedlady, I love the second one.  I have not had any gauze clothes, but my go to in  this heat wave is a pair of gingham checked shorts in Apple green/white with an orange short sleeved top.   The shorts are QF & I got them for a $1.00 probably 18 years ago. I am pretty sure that it was a two piece outfit back in the day.

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@Greeneyedlady21  I like and need gauze, especially in our South Florida heat.  Back in the '70's I had several gauze peasant tops that I would wear with shorts and jeans.  I own some gauze clothes now, too.  Nice and light and breezy and lets the air flow through.  Also comes in handy during menopause.  😉

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I am wearing a gauze top right now and have several gauze tops.  I love the dresses shown , they look cool, comfortable and perfect for this hot weather.  Very pretty!!!!

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@Greeneyedlady21 Thank you for this website!!!  I ordered 2 dresses, not the ones you showed but non gauze dress.  Total price under $45.  Even if I do not like them, I'll donate.  But would never have thought to check out Gap.



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@Greeneyedlady21 I like the coral flower print.  You may want to look at seersucker as it is also cooling in the heat of summer.  Wear your new dresses in good health, enjoy.

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I love gauze but have discovered there is gauze and there is gauze.

Usually nice gauze is very breathable.

But last year I got 2 gauze pants from Amazon and they were not breathable at all! Very hot! not what I wanted at all. I'd never felt gauze like that.

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@on the bay If they're like that they're going back. Free returns

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