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Great quality....
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I have ordered from them over the years...Love the quality of their items. I've only ordered clothes, shoes and purses and some clothes for my GD..I've never ordered any of the linens or house products.

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I have been ordering from their catalogs for years. Love them. What I love is their Eileen Fisher collection (clothes and organic cotton bed&bath) also love their GH little cap sleeve Tshirts. What I Really like is when I get an email for free shipping, because their shipping charges are awful. They used to be worse, but they heard customer complaints and eased up a bit..still on the high side though.
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I have ordered many times. They have good quality merchandise.

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Love Garnet Hill. Love even better to buy during a sale. Good quality though.

Sleepwear is wonderful.

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I have been ordering from Garnet Hill for many years. I discovered Hanro lingerie through them and still frequently buy that brand from them. I have also purchased clothing and linens over the years. Albeit priced a little up the price point ladder, everything has been great quality. I have a couple of wool sweaters which are more than 20 years old and still kicking.