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@sxmgirl She is an Israeli woman who was Wonder Woman and served in the Israeli Army


@sxmgirl wrote:

I don't follow celebrities, so I do not know what she is famous for, but she is stunning.


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@I am still oxox  Thanks.  I don't go to movies, so I have never seen her except in online pictures.

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Re: Gal Gadot In Givenchy

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She looks lovely but back in the day the beauties were not a product of a lot of plastic surgery....


Well, two examples of plastic surgery beauties are Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. 


Chin tuck and augmentation





Nose job, chin implant, boobs, hairline electrolysis 



There are so many other old-timers who were plastic. These are just two very very high -profile examples. 

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I have a massive girl crush on Gal Gadot. She seems like a beautiful person on the inside too, from what I know of her.I can't wait for Wonder Woman 2.


She was also Miss Israel and competed in the Miss Universe pageant.

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Gal certainly has the figure to display cleavage without looking trashy. I think the top with a more modest cut would look better though.