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@LuLuBelle2 wrote:

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Check bay, just bought two of them, new with tag, not expensive , made in Italy. Depends from size you needs, they have some.

@Mlsg, thank you, I'll take a peek!

@LuLuBelle2 My pleasure! I was lucky to find my size 1x new ones. One $12 and one $14. Shipping around $ 3 each.

I saw M,L,2x , so good luck😀😀

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Yes, the Gabriella T sweaters were so lovely. I owned quite a few. I wish I still had them. Heart

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It really annoys me they drop a line like this and bring in overpriced , garbage from Lori  Goldstein  which unless you are a stick they look ridiculous on.  She always looks a hot mess herself.  I think she only owns one pair of shoes with a kitten heel and they look worn out.  It's all about the $.  I'm embarrassed for the models over a size 16 wearing her stuff.  So childish and not flattering.  I'm a 16-18 won't wear if it was given to me.

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Does Gabriela T still design..particuarly this type sweater any longer? They were wonderful & beautiful. Is there any way to find out if perhaps she is designing for a different company under a different name? We want her sweaters again!!
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There are 34 (pre-owned) Gabriella T sweaters listed on ebay.

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Also loved Gabriella T sweaters when offered on QVC.  Found quite a collection available on Poshmark as well.

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I still have two in the closet - great weight for summer AC.  I pack them carefully away for  the winter.  Wish they still had the line, such good quality sweaters. 

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I find them all the time on ebay and etsy. My favorite sweaters! On ebay I save the search and then they email me when new ones are listed. You get first chance at them that way. I've found them with the tags still on, brand new, never worn. I make them mine!