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"grizzly bear".......still laughing at that one!

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I can't seem to resist a hood.  


For chilly nights and days.  


Perfect, keeps my head (and therefore my body) warm.


My utility bills are fairly low, so far.


(Compared with other neighbors, etc.)


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I too was was back and forth on this one.  Wanted it, didn't want it.  I think the best answer is:  If you are over 5' 8" and wear a size 2 --- buy it.   Otherwise, NO ONE. needs to look fluffier than you actually are -- even at home.  SorryNotSorry 

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Hot.  Mess.  

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Not my cup of tea,horrible!

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I bought two of them last year for wear in the house as a robe.  They are the snuggiest coziest thing possible for TV watching.  We keep our house cool.  I also have a Comfy and even two of those zip front "capes"  Shop HQ had a few years back.  We could lose our power and run out of heat and no way will I freeze to death.