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Re: GILI Prices - Outrageous Increases

Yes, I agree and they are under the impression that their customer is not an educated shopper.  When Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom have a sale, I  picked up gorgous $600 genuine plush leather skirt for $160 and $1,200 very high end designer jackets for $300.  I purchased a Lafayette gorgeous mesh sheath dress that normally sells for $600 for $150 to wear to a wedding recently.  Its so gorgeous and such a classic that it can be worn for many other things.  The quality is outstanding.  QVC really has a lot of nerve with those GILI prices.  Will see if people are crazy enough to pay when they can get high end designer apparel for less in the high end department stores!!!!!

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Re: GILI Prices - Outrageous Increases

@LNoel1225 wrote:
I am never on these forums, but I just had to come check out and see if anybody was talking about these crazy prices. I am watching a GILI show right now and the shoes are all Between $150-$200! And then they are showing a bag for $699! Come on, people, this is QVC! I know this was a higher end line, which I liked. I liked that it was fashion forward, but I'm not paying these crazy prices! Lisa was far more reasonable when she was with the line.


Yup, the prices started increasing back in February or March for no reason other than a new person was repping the line. I don't think that QVC has gotten their money's worth. 


Tonight's camoflage pants were plain U.G.L.Y. I can't believe that Lisa R. would have put her imprint on something this gross.


The obi belt topped on everything is awful looking as it does not suit Jill nor the hosts who wear it. Only the thin and small busted models with long waists can get away with this look.

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Re: GILI Prices - Outrageous Increases

did anyone see the 1 hour disaster last night.... how could they keep a straight face with those prices???? and how can amy keep saying JILL has so many new designs for us..... really jill has so many for uss   I think not  get rid of the mouthpiece and bring down the prices of this in house brand or we ae going to rebelSmiley LOL

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Re: GILI Prices - Outrageous Increases

Never, ever in a million years would I pay these prices for a QVC exclusive line. There are a few cute things, but I am not even remotely tempted. 

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Re: GILI Prices - Outrageous Increases

A 268272 GILI Short Sleeve Roll Collar Blouse with Seam Detail : $82.00 for a 100% Poly blouse...also too short in length for most women.  Never bought GILI and never will.

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Re: GILI Prices - Outrageous Increases

I am in total agreement, the prices for the GILI line are getting crazy.  This is a line that is only recognizable for QVC shoppers.  It is not a high end line designed by a known designer.  Also the reviews I have read this line runs small. They seem to be trying to get rid of everything that had to do with LR. I like Jill Martin, but why do they need a spokeswoman for this line? The hosts could sell this line as they do the other lines.


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Re: GILI Prices - Outrageous Increases

I'm sorry but I'm really not impressed with this line, or the pricing.  I was interested in the new, smaller GILI handbag until I read the reviews, which are really not very good. Perhaps if I had no other outlet for cuter, trendier items I might indulge, but frankly, I keep going back to the fact that QVC is a shopping channel and NOT Neiman Marcus!


It takes me about an hour and a half to get to a BM Neiman Marcus and Nordstroms, but it's a wonderful "day" out.... with a wonderful lunch out with a friend or two!!  ROAD TRIP!  Woman LOL   

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Re: GILI Prices - Outrageous Increases

@magicmoodz wrote:
On 3/29/2015 Krissie2 said:

Wasn't it the first version of the Roma 2 that had issues? The one that had orange and burgundy as an option?

When Lisa launched the second version that included the blush and cream snake, I remember she said they had corrected the issue and added the snap closure per customer request.

Krissie, that is the way I remember it, too. But I will stand corrected if wrong.

This is correct. I bought two of the first Roma 2's and remember very well all the issues with the peeling handles. The second Roma 2 iteration supposedly fixed the problem. Lisa then admitted to problems with the first Roma 2.

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Re: GILI Prices - Outrageous Increases

I think their bottom line has been hurting for awhile. They make money on the amount they over charge for shipping (my husband works for a large company and when we ship UPS, we pay the company's rate and it's CHEAP!). Then they charge crazy prices for their private label lines. Even their clearance prices are a joke. But they'll throw out EZ Pay because they know people will look at the monthly cost and ignore the ridiculous inflated sales price. They're selling less and less product so they HAVE to markup the price to attain some kind of profit. Until people stop buying, they will continue with this strategy. 

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