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G.I.L.I. Pouch with RFID technology A274053 Review

just wanted to post my review because a lot of people had questions regarding this item.



just getting back to everyone regarding the pouches.i  received mine about a week and a half ago but because of thanksgiving i have not had time to do any "testing." i tested my samsung galaxy note 4 the past couple of days. no, it does NOT drain my battery. i put it in for one hour at 61% full, came back an hour later and it was at 58% full. i put it back in the pouch and checked about 3 hours after was at 51% charge. i called my phone numerous times and the phone rang clearly and i had my daughter text me and that went through also. so, no problems with my phone and i love everything about the pouch......i bought three and will get the black when it comes back in stock. it has nice organization inside and the leather feels nice. it is a good size to use as a clutch if you wanted to use it in that way. no problems for me.






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Re: G.I.L.I. Pouch with RFID technology A274053 Review

@Sunshine45-excellent news! Thanks so much for posting your review. I also like the larger sized portfolio. Considering both the pouch & portfolio. Enjoy your weekend! 

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