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Re: Full details needed in fashion description

@chrystaltree wrote:

We all have computers, tablets and smart phones.  Presentation are not ever going back to what they were in the year 2000.  All the information that we need is in the product description.  I always look at that and the sizing while host is selling the item.  It's a habit now.  


A big difference that I have noticed from the past is that now they always say true to size in both garments and shoes, which it obviously isn't true.  They used to give more honest fit information.  I have seen hosts ask a model "you are wearing your regular size" and the model respond yes, but her regular size has been described in various presentations as Large, XL and 1X.  So which is it?  I have many "regular" sizes too, about 4 of them.  In clothes we have the measurements, but with shoes we are just out of luck.