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OK, I get it; fringe is in.  However, I find it distracting since, especially on a handbag, it conceals the shape and leather of the bag. 


I know, that's just my opinion, but when the hosts and vendors keep stroking all the fringe, I keep thinking that stuff would drive me crazy!  


Hopefully, when wearing fringe, only item at a time!  I'm visualizing, fringed bags, jackets and boots. YIKES!

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i have two handbags that have fringe.  one is a hobo so it has more and i like it.  it wasn't bothersome at all.  the second is a GILI crossbody and has a little fringe and is just right.

i agree a little goes a long way, but that's true with anything!

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Fringe bags have been around for eons.  Very popular w/female motorcycle gang hanger ons & female motor cycle riders.

For some strange reason, they are just now coming out in the main stream world.


Fringe boots have been popular in Europe for eons too.  I have a pair of 20 yr old red suade knee high fringe boots that I purchased in Belgium of all places.  At that time, most of the Europeans were wearing ankle fringe boots.



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Love fringe.  I have worn it for years, in style or not.  But at this point I have a collection of whatever and probably will not be buying more, just enjoying what I have.

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I do not care for fringe, it just bothers me to have that flopping and flapping around. lol
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I have  worn/carried fringe for years so it's not a trend thing for me.   I'll carry a bag and wear a jacket w/fringe together ... I love the look.  I have all manner of fringe on handbags ... long ... short,  (one of my favorites has short multicolored strands), you name it.  


I'll still be wearing mine when the "trend" is no longer trendy.

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I've always liked fringe but became kind of obsessed over it about 2 years ago when I bought two Chi by Carlos Falchi fringe hobo bags on clearance from HSN. Hands down, two of the most beautiful bags I own. I literally get stopped everywhere when I use them.


Fringe when done in a chic, sophisticated manner looks and is very lush and expensive. Fringe adds a lot of cost to any item and it is considered to be luxurious for that reason. Since then, I have collected many other fringe bags, being very selective to make sure they look classy, somewhat boho and not western looking. 


 I think it's one of those things that you may have never liked and then you find the right one and then love it. That's how it happened for me.  For me, it's not a trend since I've been wearing it a lot before it became the rage this year. I plan to keep using my bags now and for a long time. I love them. 


The bag that started it all.... I love it, looks even better in person. I've had two women offer to buy it off me at the mall............


Chi Tan Fringe Hobo Bag.JPG

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I am not crazy about fringe near zippers on handbags as they always seem to get caught in the zippers.

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I bought my first suede fringe vest in 1968 in high school.  Oh, me!  I LOVED that vest and thought I was so cool.  I've loved fringe since that first purchase and have worn it in some way or another every chance I get.  I will never give it up.  I'll be 99 years old and still sportin' fringe.

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I'm not a "fringe" kind of gal, really. Many people are, however, so this is their season! Woman Happy