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Fri nite Du Jour show

What a disaster!  All the models and the vendor and Nancy were dressed in a size too small.  The outfits that the vendor and Nancy had on made them look like they had no torso.  One of the plus size models had a wrap sweater on at least 2 sizes to small and made her shoulders look huge, I mean huge.


I am trying my best not to be negative or complaining, but the stylist needs to be chewed out down to the bone.


Did anyone else see the show?  Maybe it just me since the Du Jour looks to be for much younger gals.

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Re: Fri nite Du Jour show

@Imaoldhippie   ...especially the vendor herself in a way too small size crazy crops.

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Re: Fri nite Du Jour show

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Is is just me - or do YOU wish sometimes YOU could style everyone so they'd look beautiful, appropriate and comfortable?

I often wish I could lend a hand at making everyone ABSOLUTELY SHINE.

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Re: Fri nite Du Jour show

I agree but what surprises me is that  I find DuJour to run large.  Im always a small in QVC but need xs in DuJour