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i didn't like the holey jeans and i don't like the raggity bottom hem, either. they can go away!

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Frayed or with holes, not for me!

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I've said it before - when one of my pairs of jeans gets a frayed hem or a rip or hole, I toss them in the trash. I don't understand why it's stylish to wear damaged clothing, but we're all different. So, if you're tired of paying big bucks for frayed jeans, you're welcome to come dig thru my trash.

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I have two pair of Jessica Simpson jeans that are a faded lighter blue denim and they have a raw edge at the hem.  No holes or other distressing.  There is a sewn edge just above the fraying to keep it from expanding, so it is only about a quarter of an inch or so.  

I only wear them for very casual outings. Usually to the Little League diamond or Soccer fields to watch my grands.  I wear them with various spirit shirts and flip flops!  I like them. 

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NO! It doesn’t work for me. Just not comfortable with it.

Last year I bought one LOGO jean jacket with frayed hem.

Just didn’t like the look, so I turned edge and hemmed jacket.
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Re: Frayed hemlines?

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These things seem to be "the thing" now - everybody is doing their version of frayed shorts. 


Thursday Susan Graver had a pr in her show too. Passing through the channels I saw the presentation on her rendition of frayed (jean) shorts. What was that she just said?  Dress them up and wear them to WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Put on a cute heel with them, a nice hot and sticky liquid knit top, a sport jacket, nice jewelry and out the door you go TO WORK??????!!!!


Yeah right Susan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I think they're scraping around to find any design that hasn't recently been on the market to create sales.

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As with any other fad, dont buy if you dont like it.  Therefore why consider it too much?

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Yes, I very much like frayed hemlines when done the way I like it.  Along with a lot of other different types of denim styles.



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Not a fan either, but do have a couple pairs of denim bermudas that are frayed a tiny bit on the bottom of the leg openings--and they are ok--are sewed above the frayed part so won't continue to fray. what I don't like are the big patches of distressed material all over the pants----or big uneven chunks of fabric that are missing and ripped here and there---WHY????????