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Re: For those that buy duplicates/backups...

@wilma wrote:

I bought 2 duplicate short sleeve white tees for the spring & summer back in March. They were Karen Scott brand from Macy's. I just bought another long sleeve duplicate white tee last week for fall and winter from Croft & Barrow brand at Kohl's. 


I buy duplicates of basics that are worn often. In the past I've bought duplicate jeans, trousers, shoes, and cardigans. Even though I hear Q hosts say to buy a print top in a different color, because it will look different, that's not something I ever do. 


@wilma  I have tops/bottoms that I have more than one of in different colors/washes, but it is not that often I will purchase duplicates of the same color/wash of an item.


Your duplicate purchaes of say a white tee...or any basic color makes perfect sense and @ALRATIBA  mentioning 'staples' as a great reason too.


I don't necessarily see the fig shirt I got a duplicate of as a 'staple' in my wardrobe, but as something I would still wear quite often. I know in the past, if it's a garment that I really love, it is just my luck that I get a stain on it or it gets ripped/torn/thread bare and I can't fix it.


It has happened to me in the past and have regretted not having a spare. Usually by then the garment isn't available anymore.

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Re: For those that buy duplicates/backups...



For me - my basic style/look hasn't changed much since JFK was in the WH.  What changes are my sweaters / vests / scarves .... accessories.


I just counted my black turtlenecks - 33.  I'm almost afraid to count the other colors.  


@Kachina624 wrote:

I find such purchases to be counter productive.  By the time you need it, they've come out with new fabrics, styles and colors that you like better and you're no longer interested.  I try to avoid Heavenly Jersey at all costs. 



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Re: For those that buy duplicates/backups...

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 G by Giuliana on HSN has a comfortable, and cute flutter sleeve slub knit tee that I LOVE. It goes well with skirts, and jeans. I originally purchased the fuchsia, and really liked it, so my daughter purchased it in white for me as a birthday gift.😊 


~~~All we need is LOVE💖

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Re: For those that buy duplicates/backups...



You are dispelling the myth that New York closets are small!😄

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Re: For those that buy duplicates/backups...

I will buy duplicates of a great white cotton shirt in a heartbeat.  I always feel that I may not be able to find one I like as much when it's time to replace (which is frequent with white).  I also like to have a pair agree about having a spare pair of black leggings on hand.  With laundering, they do fade from the original deep tone even if other signs of age are not visible. 


I agree with @NYCLatinaMe about the Women With Control black leggings.  Because they have a high content of cotton, they tend to fade faster than some of the polyester/spandex leggings, so I always have a spare black on hand.  

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Re: For those that buy duplicates/backups...

Flattering tops for me are flowy/loose with gathering,etc and not always easy to find so I absolutely will buy two in different patterns. I actually have a Liz Claiborne combination with tank and overlay top in three patterns: flower print in blues, navy geometric and black dot. I’ve had them for quite a few years and still wear all three.


As for backups, my last purchase was a couple of loose fitting black tees from Walmart for the gym.