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Re: For my AM Stylers and all the Fashionistas

Bye everyone, I have things to do inside, maybe by the time I get them done, it will have warmed up enough for me to get outside. Have a nice weekend.
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Re: For my AM Stylers and all the Fashionistas

@Bird mama@Snicks1@gmkb@Eliana@Buttercups

Well, I'm signing off officially now and wishing all a good week.


I wanted to ask if you are feeling well enough to enjoy turkey? When I think of 9*, I shiver!

@Bird mama

I ordered DSIL a shirt from JCP and found the site tempting indeed!

Ordered the dinosaur and mermaid "tails" for the DGCs for Christmas... that tee-pee is so cute for Grayson.

I wish you WOULD post your health ins question here b/c I NEED to learn all I can! However, most of mine will center around Medicare beginning for me in March (old).



I'm sorry the joints are so painful this am... ouch!



So glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! Also, nice you enjoyed stress-free shopping! 


I'm not even tempted to go out, y'all!❤️❤️❤️



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Re: For my AM Stylers and all the Fashionistas

@LTT1  Yes, my daughter cooked and we all enjoyed her meal.  

One of the chemo side effects is muscle weakness and that is what troubles me right now.  My legs are very weak -  having PT now.  If it were not for this, I would feel okay. Thank you for asking.

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Re: For my AM Stylers and all the Fashionistas

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Checking back in after breakfast.


@Eliana - you're obviously a shopping savant. Smiley Wink 


@Bird mama - lol @ Grayson and the yoga pants. Sweet little guy wants Mama to stay home. My Buster goes to the dining room window to watch me leave the house. Always this forlorn look on his face. I wish he'd fit into a snuggli - I toyed with the idea of developing one for carrying cat's around - a combination of a baby carrier and the blue thing that they wrap cats in to clean their teeth - would keep them tucked in. I don't know if that makes sense. lol Love the teepees!!!


@LTT1 - Enjoy being inside & the ice show!


@gmkb - I'm sorry - muscle weakness in legs. I can relate, the fibro/lupus/whatever does that to me too. I have to walk or exercise regularly or I get weak, but it's a conundrum because fatigue makes it harder to move around. Can be a catch-22.


To the brave shoppers - Let us know the goodies you get at JCP and elsewhere! 


I'm staying away from malls on weekends between now and Dec. Amazon is my friend. Smiley Tongue