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Don't care for them at all......remind me of the pants and jumpsuit Susan Graver had on today.....the huge florals down the leg looks odd/misplaced to me.....i am sure EVERY designer on QVC will have a similar pair within the next couple weeks....

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No .....


If I lived in a resort community or vacationing at a resort .... a possibility.  That's just not the kind of pants I would/could wear anywhere I go here in NYC.

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@lolakimono  Did you happen to see Shawn selling some VERY wide legged pants with a giant ruffle on the bottom. They were about 3 quarter length.I think they were the ugliest pants I've ever seen. She was ranting on how cool they were. I'm surprised they got anyone to wear them. It seems there is a trend to make things different regardless of how ugly.

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No- she was probably on past my bedtime, LOL.  

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NOT a  fan of wide leg pants.


I do like the print and think it would look good on a dress.

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I like these pants just as they are.  Pretty and unusual.

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I like these pants and at 5'9", I'm all about wide legged pants, @lolakimono.  Bring 'em on!

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@lolakimono  I didn't want you to miss them.  A351821

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@lolakimono , I like these pants just different enough for a special occasion depending on the top and accessories paired with it.  Interestingly, there is a top on HSN in the same print 649-715).  The top caught my eye while browsing their site.





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