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I purged about 25 items from my closet the last few days. I took everything to Goodwill today except the dresses, handbags, and blazers which I am going to try and sell.


When I purge my wardrobe the questions I ask myself are...

1. Does it fit & flatter? Yes, keep. 

2. Am I constantly pulling or tugging on it? Donate.

3. Does it make me smile when I put it on? Yes, keep.

4. Would I buy this today? No, donate.


Here is the list of what I said good-bye to...

2 dresses

2 handbags

2 pairs dress pants

1 pair khaki pants

5 pairs of shoes/boots 

4 t-shirts

1 Henley sweater

2 knit tops

2 knit shrugs

1 crochet shrug 

1 velvet blazer

1 leather blazer


Anyone else doing a New Year inventory and purge? 

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Re: First Closet Purge of 2016

Took a big batch to Goodwill myself today!  Feeling so much lighter! 

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Re: First Closet Purge of 2016

I did pull 5 jackets/coats from my closet today for donation. Have so much more to go through, but it's a start. Feels good.
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Re: First Closet Purge of 2016



You go girl!  Although I'm pretty good at purging as I go, I do major purging in the spring and's a good feeling.  Are you done?

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Re: First Closet Purge of 2016

Every time I buy something, I go through the closet and create room by passing things on.  Feels great as some of the posters have already commented.


It is nice to know that somewhere someone is going to be enjoying the fruits of my choice to donate.


Keep on purging then splurging ? !!!!

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Re: First Closet Purge of 2016

Did a mega purge in Fall.  Since January 2, every time I go to my closet or to a drawer, I pull a few items out, try them on, and instantly decide on whether to keep or donate.  (To do everything at one time gets overwhelming to me. )  It is freeing to keep paring down what I have.  I actually can see my clothing now. Moreover, I have a much better sense of what I own/ have.

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Re: First Closet Purge of 2016

@MacDUFF wrote:



You go girl!  Although I'm pretty good at purging as I go, I do major purging in the spring and's a good feeling.  Are you done?



I am done for now. I usually purge a few times a year. My next purge will probably be in Spring or Summer. 


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Re: First Closet Purge of 2016



I did the KonMari - does it bring me joy thing late from the mid summer to early fall.


black clark loafers
blue clark loafers
blue white mountain loafers
pink shawl cardigan
denim & co s/s sweatshirt
george simonton leopard top
grey worthington cardigan
mocha worthington cardigan
leopard white mountain loafers
lee black checked pants
feather earrings
lee brown checked pants
coral/tan/grey striped tee
tan tank
olive tank
olive/tank patterned tank
kmart pink ditzy floral tee
nude flats - serena
kmart taupe grey geometric tee



sterling silver red jasper necklace
sterling silver novica necklace
sterling silver link station bracelet
sterling silver circle links bracelet
sterling silver diamond cut drop earrings
sterling silver wing earrings
judith jack wolf/moon/stars earrings
sterling silver mexico artisan crafted pendant
sterling silver relios night scene inlay pendant
orange a wheat summer maxi skirt
tan tank
denim & co moleskin maxi skirt
denim & co moleskin vest
black slacks - 2
navy slacks
grey slacks
brown slacks
bare traps black short boots
st john's baby brown riding boots
travelon pink purse
travelon sage purse



I donated some more things, between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  A St. John's bay (JCP) purse, some housewares, a Howard Miller clock, some lennox small china containers - came with jewelry purchases in the past.

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Re: First Closet Purge of 2016

[ Edited ]

Yes, I did a shoe purge which I wrote about in the shoes section. The shoes no longer fit when tried on and/or were not comfortable as my feet have gotten wider in the forefoot and I cannot tolerate more than a 2-2.5 inch heel. I have some winter sweaters that I will soon be donating as I do not wear or like them even though they are nice. One sweater looks odd when worn and several are scratchy so out they go soon. I am not much of a sweater person.


Edited to add that I got rid of 3 winter and 1 summer sweaters (3 cardigans and 1 pullover). I prefer wearing jackets or outerwear coats.


I do mini closet cleanups all year long so that I don't have an overwhelming task facing me. I try and do a bit at a time. My rule which isn't hard and fast is 1 in and 1 out.

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Re: First Closet Purge of 2016

I went through my winter coats and jackets, and donated 5 of them today. It's a start!

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