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Re: Favorite Sweater/Cardigan

@magicmoodz wrote:

Fun thread @wilma !


First just to get this out of the way, I am the worst at taking pictures😵. Then I am admittedly a very "plain jane" with most of my wardrobe being unpatterned neutrals.  Here are two "out of my box " cardigans:


I bought the first sweater at the Lands End Inlet. For some peculiar and unknown reason I am very attracted to the black and white Appaloosa😊. Note--I adjusted the brightness to better show the horses. I  am not an animal print person per se, so the second is a stretch for me, but I find  I am liking black and gray animal and camo prints. This sweater is from Kohls.









Love them both! I’m a sucker for anything with animals, and the grey leopard one is chic. 


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Re: Favorite Sweater/Cardigan

@wilma  - Love your cardigans and all the other ones shown by other posters.  I love wearing a cardigan to work with slacks.  A good look for me.