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Favorite Aran Craft sweaters yesterday?

Hi there!


There were several Aran Craft sweaters yesterday I loved, including the TSV, but I couldn't make up my mind. That TSV was gorgeous and appeared well thought out. There was another long card with a shawl collar in that beautiful mermaid color that caught my eye.


What about you? Did you pick up any? What did you think of the prices? I thought they seemed high though I'm not a knitter, and I've seen several people on here comment about the price of the yarns.


Also I was conflicted due to my love of other kinds of sweaters, including Barefoot Dreams, that might be easier to care for and not subject to moth damage.


I'm just curious to know what others on here think!

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Re: Favorite Aran Craft sweaters yesterday?

There were a couple of threads about these sweaters yesterday.  I so enjoyed the shows and I loved most of the sweaters.  I own several in different colors and styles so I was able to pass (though it took all I had, LOL)  I thought the pullover one was very cute but I felt it made Pat and Jane look heavy so I steered away from that one too.  Also the longer hooded one was quite nice, but again, I had to talk myself out of it.  


As far as pricing, I am sure like everything else the prices are going up for the materials and the labor to make them.  I have no problem paying for excellent quality.  The sweaters I own still look like new and I have worn them in all kinds of New England weather and they have been dry cleaned several times.  I even bought one in Ireland and wore it for the entire trip!  


It was a fun day yesterday watching them stream from the castle. Smiley Happy

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Re: Favorite Aran Craft sweaters yesterday?

My new favorites were anything in that new Army Green color, exquisite! 

My all time favorite is the 3/4 sleeve sweater A92282 which is on my wish list and they lowered the price and got new stock some days ago so I ordered and received Berry. (Which is pictured wrong an actually an eggplant color).

I also ordered the TSV in Army green but my size is waitlisted. 

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Re: Favorite Aran Craft sweaters yesterday?

There was a hooded, zippered, long-ish sweatshirt-like Aran sweater I liked but I can't wear wool at all.  I wonder how many people buy into the Merino wool myth (not just during the Irish shows).  I know some find it more comfortable, but it still makes me itch like crazy.  


Every once in a while they used to offer a cotton Aran sweater, but I searched the website yesterday and unfortunately there were none.

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Re: Favorite Aran Craft sweaters yesterday?

@Crow Witch  

I liked the color they called Army Green also.  I did not order the TSV, but did order a cardigan in that color.  I also liked the Mermaid color and the Sienna color, but just wasn't at the right place at the right time to get either in my size in a style I liked.  I thought their offerings in sweaters were better this year than last year.  Yes, the prices have increased, but the quality is excellent.  I have several merino wool sweaters I have bought from QVC over the years.  A couple I gave away because I decided the color just was not good with my complexion.  There was nothing wrong with the sweaters themselves though.  Like I said, the quality is excellent and they hold up forever, it seems.

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Re: Favorite Aran Craft sweaters yesterday?

I do not have a  long torso, so most of the AC sweaters were not suitable for me.


However, I did find one that was shorter (I don't see it pictured anymore); I ordered it in gray, and look forward to receiving it.

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Re: Favorite Aran Craft sweaters yesterday?

I did see a couple of gorgeous ones yesterday but did not buy any due to not sure on the sizing. Also, I've purchased the air and sweaters in the past years ago, and after a few wearing's, they were pills on them. I didn't think that wall pulled up, but they just didn't wear very well. I know some that have worn theirs for 20 years and they still look as good as new. By the time I decided on which one I might've purchased, it was long sold out in my size. 

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Re: Favorite Aran Craft sweaters yesterday?

THe sweaters and colors are all beautiful!  I think the best selection ever was yesterday.

However, I really have no need for one of these sweaters, at least right now.  I have 2 Barefoot Dream sweater/coats which are washable, a big plus for me.  Also, I am always cold and I love fleece jackets. They are tempting though...maybe next year!!

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Re: Favorite Aran Craft sweaters yesterday?

didn't watch yesterday but years ago i bought a Merino wool sweater and it turned into nothing but a mass of fuzzy balls---would de- fuzz it before wearing it but it never looked good so finally donated it and prob won't buy that type of thing again.

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Re: Favorite Aran Craft sweaters yesterday?

I didn't buy any, but I saw several that I liked. Love that new mermaid color, would like to see it in person.

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